What is Teletherapy?

How Does Teletherapy Work?

We use a secure online platform called TheraNest that links you to your therapist via the internet from any mobile device that has access to a video camera. Teletherapy allows you to connect with your therapist from the privacy of your own preferred space and can provide more flexible hours outside of the traditional outpatient settings. However, being in your own space can also mean there are more distractions around you and your full attention will require your commitment to making your session as productive as possible.

Your Spot to Talk therapist will also be in a private room, but at another location with the same type of equipment. When the session is ready to begin, your therapist will start the online session. At that point, you and the therapist will see each other through TheraNest and the session will start. When the session is over, your therapist will end the connection through the platform.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Sessions:

  • Be in a private room either by yourself or with the individuals who will be participating in therapy with you.
  • Have a computer, tablet, or phone with a video camera that is connected to the internet. 
  • Headphones are recommended to reduce background noise.
  • Put all other devices that you are not using away to reduce distractions during your session.

How Is This Different From An In-Person Session With Your Therapist?

Besides the fact that you and your Spot to Talk therapist will not be in the same room together, there is not much of a difference. Just like in an in-person session, your therapist will engage in conversation, ask you questions, and will be committed to connecting with you in a safe and non-judgmental way. Connecting from your own space will require special attention to ensure that you have the privacy you deserve, have as few distractions as possible, and are able to provide yourself enough time in between sessions to decompress before returning to your daily responsibilities.