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Group Therapy

A Spot to Engage

Group therapy is a great way to connect with a small group of individuals who are experiencing similar challenges.

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Participating in group therapy allows participants to not only connect with the therapist facilitating the group, but also with other participants who have had similar life experiences. This can be a wonderful way to feel connected to others while also learning from others’ experiences. Groups are offered based on the needs of our current clientele, if you are interested in a topic that is not listed below, please let us know!

Additional Therapy Options

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Family Therapy

Family therapy can provide a safe space to communicate challenges that not only affect us as an individual, but also impact the family system as a whole.

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Equine Therapy

Equine Assisted Therapy at Spot to Talk follows the Eagala (Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association) model to provide the best support possible.

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Crisis Support

Crisis Support can be helpful if your child is experiencing significant emotional distress without actually being in a physically dangerous situation.

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