Our Therapists

Claire E. Wick, LCSW

Owner & Clinical Director

Claire was born in London, raised in New York City, attended college and graduate school in San Diego, California, and recently moved to the Flathead Valley of Northwest Montana. Claire’s eclectic background has provided her with an opportunity to live amongst a variety of cultures and environments, naturally leading her to connect with individuals and families of all different backgrounds. As an only child growing up in NYC, Claire often found herself wanting to help others while also noticing that her friends and family often looked to her for advice. This innate desire to provide others with assistance eventually led Claire to enroll at the University of Southern California: School of Social Work, where she obtained her Master’s in Social Work degree.

After earning her Master’s degree, Claire pursued her desire to work with youth by providing mental health services in several different high schools within San Diego. Claire provided individual, group, and family therapeutic services while also assisting in the development of district-wide psychoeducational programs that focus on social skills, substance use, nicotine addiction, and physical violence. In 2017, Claire completed one of her biggest accomplishments yet and became a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Earning this title allowed Claire to continue serving San Diego youth, but also provided her with the ability to mentor graduate school students and assist them in developing their skills and acquiring the knowledge needed for a career in social work.

Following Claire’s work in the public school system, she moved to Northwest Montana to gain experience working in a youth residential treatment center. As a primary therapist for a group of highschool-aged students, Claire provided individual, family, and group therapeutic services for the students residing at a therapeutic boarding school.

As her career progressed, Claire began to notice that students who were graduating, moving to different schools, or leaving residential centers were leaving without mental health supports in place that truly met their needs. Claire noticed a lack of available mental health referral services for youth in both Montana and California, and it was then that she decided it was time to create something. She envisioned a platform that would provide virtual mental health services while keeping the comfort and personal feel of an in-person setting. A virtual space that would appeal to the younger generations while understanding their need for flexible schedules and privacy. Transportation challenges would be eliminated, and the anxiety that often accompanies an in-person visit would be reduced. After a year of generating and believing in this idea, creating a plan and building it, Claire is so excited to welcome you to Spot to Talk.



Megan was born and raised on San Juan Island, Washington, a small island community nestled between mainland Washington and Vancouver Island, Canada. Megan quickly connected with the relationship between mental and physical health through her love for riding horses and playing soccer. After spending time in Oregon and northcentral Washington exploring her interests, she earned her bachelor’s degree in therapeutic recreation from Western Washington University. She then relocated to the Flathead Valley in the spring of 2017.

Megan earned her Master’s in Social Work from the University of Montana in 2019. She has spent time with DPHHS, Flathead Community Health Center, and has facilitated equine assisted therapy in the Flathead Valley. The bulk of her therapeutic experience has been on an in-patient psychiatric unit providing one-on-one, group, and family therapy, primarily to adolescents.

In her spare time, Megan loves being outside. When she is not working, she enjoys hiking, biking, climbing and skiing, however she has recently gained a new appreciation for slowing down and taking time to read, do macramé projects, and is working on finding a love for cooking.

Megan has a passion for providing holistic, trauma-informed care, empowering and advocating for clients, and believes there is a different approach that works for every person. She is looking forward to serving the statewide community through telehealth and the local Flathead Valley for in-person sessions.

Lisa mckee, swlc

Clinical mental health therapist

A native of Helena, Montana, ironically, Lisa has spent the majority of her adult life outside the state.  She earned her bachelor’s degree in Fitness and Health Promotion from Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah.  Lisa worked in Corporate Fitness for several years before expanding her horizons with the arrival of 3 boys and her role as a Navy spouse.  Lisa and her family have lived throughout the country and overseas in Okinawa Japan.  In each community, Lisa worked with youth in various capacities, including several years as a girls’ camp director.  

When the time was right, Lisa pursued her Master’s in Social Work from San Diego State University.  As a mental health counselor, she has worked in outpatient psychiatry and other settings with a wide range of ages and challenges. In addition to her work at Spot to Talk, Lisa helps patients and families navigate end-of-life issues at Frontier Hospice.

Lisa enjoys many different activities in her pursuit of a balanced life including trail running, mountain biking, cross-country skiing, gardening, volunteering through her church and local Veteran’s Center and spending time with family and her new pup. 

Although adept in various therapeutic modalities, Lisa has a particular interest in grief work and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to assist clients congruently with their spirituality and values.

At her core, Lisa has a deep compassion for those in paralyzing situations unable to find a way forward.  She is motivated by a desire to empower and tenaciously pursues multiple paths to effect change.  No circumstance is without hope and possibility for improvement.  

Kendall Wood Picture

Kendall Wood, Asw

Clinical mental health therapist

Kendall was raised in Bakersfield, CA, the perfect launching pad to explore all California has to offer. An only child, Kendall was raised with a sense of adventure, compassion, and deep independence. From 18 years of flute and piano, to backpacking, SCUBA diving, competitive gymnastics and swimming; Kendall was always busy, active and on the go. Moreover, Kendall was gifted with the benefit of consistent therapy in her early middle school years and throughout her adolescence. That therapeutic experience provided Kendall with the benefit of insight, increased emotional intelligence, healthy assertive communication, and an increased sense of self. Coupled with loving supportive parents, Kendall sights this therapeutic relationship as integral in her ability to face life’s challenges with courage and confidence. 

After attending her first 3 years of undergraduate school in Jacksonville, FL, Kendall returned to Bakersfield and completed her BA in Political Science from CSUB. Prior to graduation, Kendall (under the advisement of her college mentor) ventured to Kenya alone to live and work with the founder of a small grassroots organization, Society for Orphans and AIDS Network (SOAN). Lessons learned on human kindness, social responsibility and community advocacy became tightly woven into the fabric of her being and launched her desire to work as a Social Worker.Upon returning from her Summer in Kenya, Kendall began her 7-year career as a Social Worker for the Department of Human Services in Kern County, CA. She then went on to complete her Master’s Degree in Social work and entered private practice as an ASW. 

The bulk of Kendall’s experience stems from work with adolescents (including pregnant and parenting teens), parents struggling to co-parenting issues, and substance use disorders. As both a Pilates instructor and therapist, Kendall has witnessed the powerful benefit of mindfulness and seeks to incorporate mindful practice to produce significant life change. Her therapeutic style is approached with solution focused ideology and a holistic environmental perspective. She aspires to create a loving, open-minded therapeutic space with the understanding that people are shaped by their environment as much as their innate traits and capacities. Kendall is also a certified Active Parenting and Co-Parenting educator offering group psychoeducation classes and coaching.