Online Teletherapy - What You Should Know

Online teletherapy is a form of therapy that aims at giving you access to mental and physical health services more conveniently. Unlike traditional therapy services that require you to go to the office, this option gives you access to the same services from the comfort of your home or even office. The kind of efficiency this type of therapy provides, together with life’s changes has made it one of the most sought-after therapy services.


Online teletherapy involves the use of a platform with different modes of communication. Your therapist communicates with you through a phone call, video, email, or chat. You can choose an option you’re most comfortable with at the moment, although most therapists prefer video communication because it offers a better understanding.


Therapists that use teletherapy have to undergo the same clinical training that traditional therapists go through. This equips them with the knowledge and skills they need to decipher and interpret the situation correctly, regardless of who is getting the services. The therapists provided by Spot to Talk use the training they already have but on a different platform to ensure you get the services at the appropriate time with minimal effort.

Ability to handle crisis

Although the services are delivered virtually, teletherapy doesn’t provide an avenue for the handling of emergency crisis. You can still call our therapist when you need immediate help but you may be referred to a different platform that is better suited to handle your case.

Pros and cons

The benefits of teletherapy include efficiency, convenience, cost-effectiveness, and time-saving. On the flip side, noticing some cues like tapping feet can be impossible even with video communication. Facial expressions and body language can be easy to read but sometimes they are not enough.

Where to get teletherapy services

Spot to Talk is one of the best places to get a teletherapy therapist. The online platform allows you to access the same services you would get in a traditional office but with all the benefits mentioned above. The services are also available for different demographics including teens, kids, parents and guardians, young adults, and organizations. Whatever your needs are, you will get a therapist who will help you solve them. Reach out to the clinic director for more information.

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