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Schools & Organizations

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Welcome to Spot to Talk and thank you for looking into our services. Alongside traditional therapeutic services, we are pleased to offer comprehensive needs assessment and consultation services to determine the best mental health services for your campus.

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Schools & Organizations

We offer a variety of services for schools and organizations ranging from mental health services to consultation services on creating specialized programs or curriculums for your organization. If you are interested in connecting with us, please fill out the interest form below and someone from the Spot to Talk team will reach out to you within 48 hours.

Mental Health Programming

  • Curriculums
  • Needs Assessment
  • Framework
  • Implementation
  • Evaluation

Consultation and Training Services

Training organizational staff on how to approach mental health with their students and/or clients can be a difficult task. It can seem overwhelming to know where to start and how to ensure your staff are supported in ways that they feel comfortable and well informed. In addition, it can be challenging to know exactly what your organization needs with regard to mental health services. Spot to Talk can assist with addressing these challenges by first assessing your organizational needs and developing a plan for implementation of mental health services, staff training, and referral services for ongoing clinical care. Having a well-informed and staff confident in managing mental health concerns can be a critical aspect to serving your community and will allow your students and clients to know they have access to the support they need.

  • School-Based Mental Health Services
  • Continuity of Care for Students Transitioning From Residential Treatment or Intensive Outpatient Settings
  • Training For Staff
  • Outpatient Services

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